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Budder wax

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    Drug class‎: ‎empathogen–entactogen‎; ‎stimulant
    Duration of action‎: ‎4–6 hours
    Onset of action‎: ‎30–45 minutes (‎by mouth‎)
    Formula‎: ‎C11H15NO2

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    One of the many consistencies for cannabis concentrates, identified by its malleable texture that looks and feels like cake frosting. Not all Badder looks the same, and the appearance depends on the starting material and methods of extraction. Some Badder is partly sticky, leaning towards the consistency of Sauce, while others look more like Crumble with a bumpier texture.


           “Take a dab of badder when the nail reaches 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit  to get the tastiest flavor.”

    What are Badder/Batter and Budder?Amid the flock of concentrates, how do we decipher badders, batters and budders from the bunch? The difference between badder and batter is simple: spelling and the manufacturer’s personal preference. Whether one chooses to spell it “badder” or “batter” is very subjective. Budder wax

    While some processors have been able to make these textures out of solventless rosin, most Badders/Batters and Budders are extracts made with the use of solvents. Budder retains a smooth, creamy butter consistency, while badder maintains a slightly different consistency. Budder concentrates can be made using trim, cured nugs, or a freshly harvested plant. Both concentrates undergo nearly identical extraction processes that often result in a soft texture with a wet terpene-gloss. Budder wax


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